The golf complex was built in 1990 – reclaiming a completely flat and barren area to accommodate what was supposed to be Rome’s great seaplane airport, a project that was never completed and then finally abandoned.

In our 85 hectares area you can play on 27 holes divided into three courses: the White, the Blue and the Red, protected by technical bunkers and difficult water obstacles that will highlight your golfing qualities.

The reclamation of this area is undoubtedly the most significant ecological-environmental transformation carried out in Rome after the war. More than 1 million cubic metres of earth have been moved, ponds have been created, the ground has been raised at several points to move the playground and thousands of plants have been planted. The ruins of an ancient artefact dating back to the 1st century B.C. of a small river landing on the Tiber, which at the time ran close to the artefact itself, have come to light. The Tiber was in fact the most important supply route for the city of Rome. The first harbour facilities built at the mouth of the Tiber itself were transformed in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD into two harbours: the large one called Claudius’, now completely buried and used for the runways of Fiumicino airport, and the smaller, architectural, hexagonal one called Trajan’s, still visible today. resume ruins, Tiber forum and Colosseum